Waves, Waterfalls & Wallabies

This is the first in a three part series giving you a glimpse at the amazing region of Victoria that is the Great Ocean Road and the Otways.

Growing up on the west coast of Australia, the Great Ocean Road always seemed like it would be an amazing place to explore and surf. I had visions of perfect breaks, monster swells and one long, winding road. In reality it doesn’t disappoint. The swell might not be as consistent as it could be but it’s an inspiring stretch of coastline with stunning beaches, idyllic point breaks and lush green rainforests with fast flowing waterfalls and abundant wildlife.

Part 1 in the series takes a look at the surf coast from Torquay, along the Great Ocean Road to a picturesque little town called Wye River. You’ll see Wye River feature a fair bit in the coming posts, it’s one of my favourite spots. While not known for consistent swell, it’s an amazing location, nestled into the side of the Otways in between Lorne and Apollo Bay. Enough talk, enjoy the gallery.

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